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Today was Sue’s last day as a member of our Friday Pronunciation classes. I hope she makes great use of whatever she was able to learn, and I’d like to wish her the best of luck in her future new job. 

We went over a few mispronounced words (status, report, label, your, where, default) and worked through two dialogues. There are areas that need improvement, but overall the members of the class are definitely starting to implement the correct pronunciations on a variety of words.

I might have to focus a bit more on “L,” “R,” and “Z.”


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On Fridays of each week (except Thanksgiving) my co-workers and I gather at the conference room to practice pronunciation and communication skills.

The main goal is to improve phonetics, both consonant and vowel.

Exercises include daily life dialogue, using reading materials such as dialogues or short stories.

The class currently has 3 participants:

Kim, Sung Joon
Hwang, Hyun Sook
Lee, Eun Jung

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First steps

It’s all it takes to get things started.

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